Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sciennes Playground Improvement Group Survey Responses


What concerns do you have about the current Playground environment?

“Crossing wall” is really a climbing wall without adequate safety at bottom (concrete). Too much concrete area.

It’s all hard ground, no soft play. No areas designated for age groups or ball games.

Could do with more “greenery” and more things for kids to climb all over.

Busy bikes/scooters/balls all playing around from 2.50pm onwards – unsafe especially for little ones.

Separation of ball games (football) from others.

Too small.

Children playing football have been hit quite a few times in the face.

There are so many children running around and too many potential hazards.

Smaller children getting knocked over by bigger children. 

There seems to be too little supervision as children can get bullied outside.

A bit too small and busy.  Too hard concrete.

Space!!! Playground surface.

No serious concerns, have heard of a few instances where children have been hurt.

High volumes of children in a small space with hard surfaces and the amphitheatre taking up space whilst creating blank spots.

Luca – Too much play fighting (P2)
Jess – not much space on a Friday (P5)

Size, not long enough at lunch time to eat and play.

Obviously space is an issue but there isn’t much that can be done about that! No real comments other than removing the amphitheatre.

Concrete under a climbing wall.

Too small for number of kids. Results in too many accidents.

Too many children in at once.  Difficult to avoid bumping into people and it’s a very unforgiving surface.  Too many trips to sick kids.

Lots of accidents near big tree.

I think playground is OK

Too crowded leads to a fairly high number of accidents.

The amphitheatre needs a soft landing ground. The gravel/paving does not allow for a safe play.

It’s too small, no grassy/soft areas.  Nature trail. No entry system on the front door. Why? No security on access to toilets from the playground.

Too small physically, too many children. My child starting in August 2014 and is tiny and I am concerned about injuries in playground as she is so little.

I think there should be less litter. More litter pickers.




What Improvements would you like to see made to the playground?

 Both gates being open at arrival and departure times.  Better supervision at playtimes.

Allocate ball games to specific place/time.

Football goal? Netted off ball area

More climbing equipment.  Please fix area behind amphitheatre.

A small area for P1 – P3 to play in.

Put grass in and plant more trees.

Remove car parking for staff and extend play area to the north side. Look into extending school into hospital when latter vacate. Discuss with Edinburgh Council.

Safety. Grass and greenery.

Clear area for ball games. Clear area for under 6’s.

Get a big old tree trunk or two brought in for kids to clamber over. Big hut in other places.

More marked ‘play areas’ e.g. hopscotch more colour.

Small size is hard to overcome. Playground wardens from 8.40 – 9.00am.

Space for football.  Close Sciennes Road and incorporate that into playground. Climbing frames, wild space.

Soft surface.

More varieties in different age groups to play with. Get more things in.

Grass added expansion, may be some swings.

Soft surface, to allow more running.

My kids seem happy enough. A softer surface would be great.

More staggered playtimes. More activity areas.

More adults to stop fighting.  A mini obstacle course.

Older children allowed over to Meadows longer lunch hour.

Maybe some printed activities on the ground.

Change surfaces. All weather ‘Pitch area’ Fake grass. Trim trail. (like Craiglockhart Primary) More greenery.

More facilities.

Softer surface, more cover options.

More green space and wildlife.

Staggered playtimes/lunches.

More equipment during lunchtimes.

More space and softer surfaces.

Children able to use rear playground instead of it being used as a car park.

Grass mat type layer over the tarmac.

Multi sensory area, soft flooring bark/wood chips/grass interactive area.

Split in half, one half huge big climbing frame with a sail/cover over it.

Not enough space. Can back playground be used.

Less litter.


What skills/potential resource might you be willing to offer to help improve the playground.

Help make the fence for area above.

Planting do digging.

I will be able to provide some time, some project management advice and help with fund raising.

Perhaps set up a committee to implement changes and ask for parent volunteers. Removing on site car parking to become a playground, shouldn’t require much resource.

My time, £100 donation.

Can offer advice on any planting for wildlife e.g. willow tunnel, wild flower, plants etc. Lindsay Mackinlay P6c

No real skills and resources but would be happy to provide man power.

Lobbying Council and hospital to close road.

Happy to help with fund raising.

I will in the future be able to volunteer to be a playground assistant.

Fund raiser

Happy to donate time/money if it was to contribute to better surfaces/greenery.

I cannot offer help with reconstructing the playground but can bring in refreshments if needed.

Photos of school playground with a sail over it.



Additional comments/suggestions.

Astroturf section for ball games. Fill in mud puddle.

Cars parking on double yellow lines outside school.  Increase teacher presence to avoid double yellow parking.

Securer gates.

Maybe make it longer and more fun.

Help make fence for area. Ruaridh P4c.

Great school but kids need to be able to use all space and I am very concerned with recent incidents.

It’s good but could be better.

Would be nice to see the garden over the road being put to more use.  Seems to be used only for dog walking.

The hospital needs more parking spaces so they should be happy to take their stretch of road over.

I know there have been a number of fairly serious accidents recently which is very concerning. I hope the school will take action.

P7s should be able to go to the Meadows again.

What do the Learning Assistants think?

Perhaps having more organised playtime activities (like the P6 running clubs on the Meadows) would reduce numbers.

Rosita Balia – I work on supply teaching.  So might not always be available on short notice.

Games in hall at lunchtime.  Swimming during lunch time.