Thursday, 18 December 2014

Playground Survey Closed

Thank you to all families who contributed to our Playground Plans survey, which has now closed.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Playground Plans Consultation

Sciennes Primary School is consulting with parents to gather feedback about the first draft of our playground plans. We would really value hearing from you. Please look at the plans online and complete the parent survey at A larger copy of the plans is up on the noticeboard in the playground. A letter of commentary (which has been emailed to all families) from Alison Noble, Head Teacher, appears below to provide some context and additional information.

We ask that you fill in only one survey per household. All responses need to be in by Thursday 18th December.

Pupils and staff have been asked for feedback at school. Mrs Noble had already welcomed staff consultation through verbal feedback and notes made on the paper plans and has now also circulated a link to an online Staff Survey. Mrs Noble discussed the plans with the Pupil Council on Friday 12th December and these pupils will assist their teachers in conducting feedback sessions in class next week. (All 200 P1 families attending the P1 Nativity on Friday 12th December have been given a special homework task from Mrs Noble to review the plans and complete the survey!)

Click here to view the first draft of HarrisonStevens' Playground Plans for Sciennes Primary.

Dear Parent / Carer, 

The initial designs prepared by HarrisonStevens Landscape Architects aim to improve the quality of the playground environment as a whole and to raise the expectations, opportunities and levels of stimulation available to our children across all ages and groups, through a programme of active play. 

It is envisaged that the scope of the project will include the south playground and landscape strip south of Sciennes Road, with potential future design development extending to the existing covered shed areas. 

With a mix of textures, materials, varying heights and enclosure the play landscape has been designed to offer greater variety and interest than is currently enjoyed. Through the introduction of loose, unbound, surface materials the design also seeks to reduce playground speed – often the primary cause of collisions and accidents. 

The proposals will fully support the curriculum for excellence in providing a canvas for taking the classroom outside. The playground will also provide a backdrop for the integration of ‘loose play’ items such as tyres, timber, drain pipes, etc. that will encourage imaginative play, den building, collaboration and social integration. 

The play environment will be appropriately challenging, aiding physical development within a landscape of natural materials that the children can traverse and explore, climb, step, hide, slide, run, crawl and jump. 

The design exemplifies best practice in play strategy, extended outdoor learning and active play and aims to deliver clear benefits not only to learning, but also to the physical & emotional health and wellbeing of our children. 

Our ambitions for the playground reflect the Scottish Government Play strategy and the City of Edinburgh principles for developing playgrounds. 

Kind regards,
Alison Noble, Head Teacher

Fantastic New Bamboo Plants in the Playground

A parent very kindly managed to obtain some fabulous bamboo plants, compost and tyres, at no cost to the school, so our Eco Team got busy planting on Thursday 27th November. A fabulous addition to the playground! Thank you!

Sciennes Playground Box Hedge Planting

Thank you to Mr Scott, Mr Robertson and Kirsten Murray for helping with today's planting. Conditions appalling but hopefully the fabulous box hedge will flourish. Many thanks to Kirsten Unger for organising everything.