Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monday 29th June - And So It Begins....

Monday 29th June 2015 marked the start of the biggest development in the history of Sciennes Primary since it opened its doors on 5th June 1892. Thank you to everyone who has worked to make the playground improvements a reality. Happy holidays everyone!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Sciennes Plant Saving Day

Great job being done by Mums and helpers. Thank you for all the donated pots.

Thank you, Laura.
Thank you to Kirsten for planting with the children earlier in the year.

Loose Parts Play

Thank you to Class Teacher Mrs Joanne Hogan for these great photos!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

City of Edinburgh Council Play Policy

Edinburgh’s Play Principles and Values
  1. Play is a fundamental right for every child.*

  2. Play is an activity which is valuable in its own right. It is about the fun and satisfaction of the participant and benefits children, young people, families and communities.

  3. Play is a valued activity through which children and young people can express and manage their feelings, make new friends, acquire new skills, and gain an understanding of the world around them.

  4. Every child and young person in Edinburgh should be able to access free-play opportunities and play facilities which are accessible, affordable, culturally sensitive and relevant to their needs and play aspirations.

  5. Children and young people in Edinburgh have the right to well maintained, quality play environments which provide stimulation and challenge relevant to their age.

  6. The views, opinions and experiences of children and young people should be central to the development of play policies and especially the planning and design of the environments in which they play.

    *Article 31 United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Celebratory Ice Pops

Target Achieved!

 Let's celebrate! Thank you Parent Council for ice pops!
Thank you very much to Claire Wheeler, Aileen Nimmo, Tanya Boughtflower and Sarah Sheehan from the Sciennes Parent Council for providing ice pops for the children on Friday 19th June as a thank you for all their fundraising efforts.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sciennes Science Festival Celebrates Fundraising Success

Sciennes science fest celebrates fundraising success

sciennes primary pupils  fun balloons happy

At the beginning of the month, parents, pupils and staff of Sciennes Primary School got together for a special science fair to celebrate the school’s successful fundraising drives. The event featured workshops provided by members of the University of Edinburgh faculty and activities offered by local businesses, as well as a programme of talks.

The fair saw the school reach their fundraising target of £55,000 for playground improvements, which means the figure will now be matched by SportScotland, to allow the work to begin.

A member of Sciennes Parent Council brings us the full story.

A science fair, organised and led by Sciennes Parent Council and supported by staff and pupils, was held on Saturday 6 June to celebrate a year of remarkable fundraising.

Free science, technology, engineering and mathematics workshops provided by Edinburgh University parents, their friends and colleagues – with PhD students including a former pupil – were highly engaging and enriching for our children. Local businesses and charities supported the event and
  • The Scottish Wildlife Trust
  • RSPB
  • Scottish Badgers
  • the Forestry Commission
  • the John Muir Trust
provided free activities for the pupils.

Victoria Nelson from Mercy Corps, one of the City of Edinburgh Council’s partner charities, gave a talk on how science can help in dealing with natural disasters. Dr Andrew Murray provided an inspirational keynote presentation, which was so well attended and well received that he very kindly offered to deliver it twice.

Although the event was designed as a thank you and as an educational experience rather than a fundraising event, a remarkable £7,400 was raised on the day. This has enabled the school to reach our ambitious target of raising £55,000 which will now be matched by SportScotland for playground improvements.

Our entire school community has vigorously pursued a common goal throughout the year and we are incredibly proud of reaching that goal together by putting into practice our school motto ‘Believe – Achieve.’

See photos from Science science fair on the Sciennes Primary blog and watch a video created by Sciennes Parent Council below.

Monday, 15 June 2015


Fantastic news, confirmed by the Parent Council, that the Sciennes School Community has raised an ambitious, incredible target of £55 000 this year, demonstrating that together we truly can Achieve when we Believe.  This sum will be match funded by SportScotland to transform completely our playground for our current pupils and many more to come.

Well done all and thank you!

The pounds and the pennies have been counted and it is official: the playground fundraising target HAS BEEN MET. In the space of 10 months the Sciennes community raised an incredible £55,000 towards the playground - and the school successfully applied for SportScotland funding to match this pound for pound. The total amount raised by the Parent Council and Friends of Sciennes School Trust this year (including non-playground fundraising) is £57,489. In addition to the playground, spending has included eco activity, trip and club subsidies, swimming, cycling and the pupil water cooler. Both the PC and FSS have ensured adequate contingency funds are in place and so are in good shape for the school year ahead. The school is waiting to hear back from the City of Edinburgh Council as the tendering process to establish who will carry out the playground works is underway. We should hear soon as regards when the playground work will start. Thank you everyone for the phenomenal support and effort this year. Believe, achieve!

Sciennes Parent Council

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Playground Fundraising Efforts Continue

A big thank you to Laura, Kirstin, Nikki, Cathy Hugo and Oscar for raising another £86.20 from their pop-up plant sale. 

And big sister Tatiana helps too! Hope you got some buyers.